What Is Compounding?

Compounding Chemist

Compounding Chemist is a medical field word and it is widely used in the medical field because in compounding it is the process in which they create personalised medicine which is not available on the counter that’s why these medicines are created that is known as compounding they just alter the ingredients are used in the medicines so it will be a very special. Medicine for special people that’s why they are not commercially available and they have very specific doses that’s why compounding is very common because of lot of people prefer having compounding medicines that’s why it’s one of the growing industry these days in medical industry.


If we talk about the history of compounding is one of those medicines that are going through a very long time because before time there was number such thing that was available in bulk that’s why compounding was going through for a long period of time in which people created specific drugs meditational drug so that people can treat themselves that’s why as soon as the Pharmaceutical industry grows and started making medicines in bulk after that compounding industry started to diminish. And another words you can say that company industry actually helps those people who want to have specific dosage of a specific medicine and that is not available commercially.


Importance of compounding:

Compounding is really important because there are lot of patients who are not able to swallow medicines or pain killers that’s what they are alternating creams gels that are created for them so that they can treat your specific condition that’s why compounding medications are really important because they actually need the unique needs of patient and enhance their condition.


Compounding is also very important for those people who want to need a medicine but in a little less dosage and it’s not available commercially so that’s why compounding is really important to create those medicine so that they can adjust their dosage according to the need of a specific person that’s where compounding is really important and is very effective and safe. In medicines there are a lot of ingredient presents and some patients are very allergic to some kind of ingredients that’s why compounding actually helps to create certain medications that doesn’t have those ingredients that create allergies for other people’s that’s why it’s really important compounding plays a very important role so that people who need specific medicines can get it for their specific need.


Compounding also plays a very important role in animal healthcare because animal also need medicines but they are not creating in such bulk so that’s why creating medicines for pets and animals is really important that’s why compounding plays a very important and crucial role for the Treatment of Animals. Overall compounding is really important but it should be done by qualified people know other people can do compounding because it is very sensitive matter.

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Sleep Dentistry Clinic In Melbourne: All You Need To Know

sleep dentistry clinic Melbourne

Are you someone who experiences anxiety or fear when it comes to visiting the dentist? Do you have trouble getting numb from local anesthesia? Or do you want a more comfortable dental experience? If yes, a sleep dentistry clinic Melbourne might be the perfect solution for you!

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry, also known as sedation dentistry or twilight dentistry, is a type of dental treatment that involves sedative medications to help patients relax during dental procedures. Sedation can be administered in different forms, including inhalation, oral medication, and intravenous (IV) injection.

Sleep Dentistry Clinic in Melbourne

Melbourne is home to several sleep dentistry clinics catering to patients seeking a comfortable and stress-free dental experience. These clinics offer a wide range of sedation options tailored to each patient’s needs.

Here are some of the popular sleep dentistry clinics in Melbourne:

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne is a leading sleep dentistry clinic that offers various forms of sedation, including nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation. The clinic has state-of-the-art facilities and experienced dentists dedicated to providing personalized care to each patient.

Smile Quest Dentists Melbourne CBD

Smile Quest Dentists Melbourne CBD is another reputable sleep dentistry clinic that offers sedation options such as nitrous oxide and oral sedation. The clinic’s dental team has extensive experience performing dental procedures under sedation, ensuring patients are comfortable.

Smile Solutions

Smile Solutions is a multi-specialty dental clinic in Melbourne that offers sleep dentistry services. The clinic’s dentists, anesthetists, and registered nurses work together to ensure patients are comfortable and safe during the sedation process. The clinic also offers a range of other dental treatments, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and general dentistry.

Advantages of Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry offers several advantages for patients who are anxious, fearful, or have a low pain tolerance during dental procedures. Here are some of the benefits of sleep dentistry:

  1. Reduced anxiety and fear: Patients who experience dental anxiety or fear can benefit from sedation, as it helps them feel relaxed and calm during the procedure.
  2. Pain-free experience: Sedation can help reduce pain and discomfort during dental procedures, especially for patients who have trouble getting numb from local anesthesia.
  3. Time-saving: Sedation dentistry allows dentists to perform multiple procedures in one visit, reducing the number of appointments needed to complete treatment.
  4. Enhanced comfort: Sedation dentistry provides a more comfortable and stress-free dental experience, allowing patients to undergo treatments without discomfort or fear.
  5. Improved oral health: Sleep dentistry encourages patients to receive the dental treatments they need, even if they have dental anxiety or fear, ultimately improving their oral health and preventing more severe dental problems.


If you’re someone who experiences dental anxiety or fear, sleep dentistry in Melbourne can help you receive the dental care you need without any discomfort or stress. With several reputable sleep dentistry clinics in Melbourne, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and receive personalized care from experienced dental professionals. Don’t let dental anxiety or fear prevent you from receiving the dental treatments you need. Contact a sleep dentistry clinic in Melbourne today and experience a comfortable and stress-free dental experience. To contact us, please visit www.sleepdentistry.com.au/contact.

Get The Teeth Back In White Color

People are very conscious about their looks and physical outlook. That is the reason, they spend hundreds of dollars on maintaining their selves. A lot of things that are very important in this regard, out of all, teeth are of paramount importance. For people having white and shining teeth is very much important. As it gives confidence while talking to someone or smiling. teeth whitening in windsor  has remained a hot topic when it comes to personality building. For this reason, dentists are there to offer their patients the best treatment. With the use of facilities and medicine by dentists, it has become to overcome the issue of yellow or stained teeth. However, there is the cost of all this, as a customer to pay a hefty amount to get their teeth cleaned. Those who are obsessed with looks don’t bother it. With the help of modern equipment, it has become a lot easier to get white teeth with ease and comfort.

Visiting a dentist

The brightening of teeth has remained a problem for smokers and coffee lovers. As the chemicals present in the cause yellowing and staining of teeth. It gives a clumsy look to have yellow tastes. Though there are medicated and special kinds of toothpaste available for these special people. It is being observed that this toothpaste failed to deliver hundred percent results. That is why people have to look for other alternatives. For this purpose, visiting a dentist is by far the best choice. Those who can afford the heavy fees and other expenses must go for this option. While those who are not in a position to spend much on just whitening must go for another alternative. In this regard, home remedies are providing quite efficient. However, consistency is required to get the desired results. A lot of methods are available on the internet, people may use them as per their taste and requirement.

It is worth mentioning the difference between whitening and bleaching. The latter one is the technique in which teeth are whitened beyond their natural look. It is normally done with the use of hydrogen peroxide or a chemical named carbamide peroxide. While whitening is restoring the natural look of teeth. In this process, layers of dirt or plague and stains are removed, freeing teeth from contaminations.

Role of enamel over teeth

Yellowing of teeth occurs over time due to tearing down of enamel coating over teeth. It is present naturally over the teeth to protect them from chemical reactions by food. With time, it gets to wear down, hence the yellow surface of teeth starts appearing. While whitening, this enamel is freed from debris and other contaminations. The fact that is that this whitening is not permanent, as with time there is again a layer of debris.

Access Bulky Bill

Bexley medical centre

The bulky bill is form of payment that is introduced by government of Australia. A bulky bill is good to pay all kind of medical bills easily. In this service a patient does not need to pay bill after visiting medical professional. This is easy way to pay the bill. Just simply after visiting medical professional a person need to singing a form and then it just press ok to make sure the bill will be paid by government.

Bulky bill covers:

 Bulk billing doctors is good to pay 85% of charges of doctor by government. It also pays all kind of professional bills. A person does not need to pay dentist fees, dermatologist fees, orthopaedic specialist fees and other professional fees. This bill covers all fees. This also pays the charges of all kind of X-ray, ultrasounds and tests. It covers all kind of laboratory charges.  A patient does not need to pay any kind of charges for test. Even they also pay the charges of eye check-up and other optical benefits. It is good for all age group people with Australian citizenship card.

How to know about bill?

Bulk billing doctors and also for patients are available at website of government. This billing system is good for old and poor class people. To find the bill a person wants to visit the website and then use singing the form option after singing the form a person needs to press ok button and payment transfer to the account of hospital. This billing system is convenient for all aged people. All classes take advantage from this billing system Middle, poor and upper class feel convenient to pay bill in much better way.

Eligibility for bulky bill:

All Australian citizens are eligible for bulky bill. It is available for all patient and citizens of Australia. This bill is sometimes suggested by doctors according to medical condition of patient. And sometimes business type also makes a person eligible for bulky billing. This billing is good to pay medical bill without any delay and some charges also bear by government. This bulk billing doctors in kingsgrove is available in all hospital of Australia. Bexley medical centre also facilitate the bulky billing service at low and cost effective price with some simple methods of singing or applying for bill in Australia.

The Bexley medical centre is good for all class people. Bulk billing doctors is paid by government of Australia. A bulky bill is good to pay 85% of doctors’ charges. It is good for all patients as well as also for doctors. By the help of this bill a person does not need to wait for cheque or cash payment. It is good for all citizens of Australia. In short, bulky billing is good choice to stress free bill in whole month. All kind of professional doctors are cover by this bill. Laboratory charges and other charges are also provided by this billing system.

All About Teeth Whitening

Dealing with the money related and bookkeeping stuff and monitoring the patients is likewise done by the dentist here or they have a receptionist for that. And also, last however not the least, the advertising and the advancement is additionally done by the dentist himself with the goal that individuals can be made mindful of the way that they have a dental center opening up in their neighborhood too now.

There is a great deal of things that the patient would need to deal with after he has the teeth whitening treatment done. Some of them incorporate flossing and brushing his teeth two times per day. This is significant with the goal that they don’t get their teeth in a terrible condition at any point in the near future again so far as that is concerned. this is a precautionary measure that would pick up them benefits sooner rather than later too and for the long an ideal opportunity to come in front of them too in this circumstance. The scaling of the teeth has the yellow piece of the teeth removed away and leaving the white part, and toward the finish of this procedure the clean gel that is medicated is put on the teeth so they sparkle and look as charming as they looked beforehand too. Go right here to find out more details.

Dental clinic is where the dentist, that is the individual that evaluates and checks the patients of his in the clinic that they have any teeth or gum related issue so far as that is concerned. That place is typically known as a dental clinic. It is a business that the dentist has set up, picking the area where the workplace would be, the inside and the outside of the vicinity, and furthermore structuring the workplace so far as that is concerned.

The dentists that are there in these dental clinics to enable the patients to out, are prepared thus proficient and know about what they should do with their patients. They manage the issues in a professional and an expert way. There are a few medicines that these dentists offer to the individuals that stay with them, some of them incorporate teeth whitening in South Yarra through manual scaling or ultra-scaling. One of these strategies incorporate the dentist cleaning your teeth so all the plaque can be evacuated and you could show signs of improvement teeth immediately. Be that as it may, this technique is fairly tedious. The other technique incorporates machines, it is quick and has better outcomes. At that point there is an appropriate brightening plan with the goal that the teeth don’t look yellow and the patient can get his certainty back in himself in this situation at that point.


Benefits Of Chiro Care

Most people have this common assumption that chiro treatment is only ideal for fixing your neck and back issues. However, in actual that is not the case. Chiro treatments are a lot more than you can think which means they have a lot to offer when it comes to their benefits hence, you should not only be considering it as a practice of specific needs but a lot more things too. It is due to this, we have enlisted some of the benefits of chiro care and why you should be opting for it. Let’s find that out.

  1. Immunity Boosting

When you have a misalignment in the body due to any such issue and you choose to undergo chiro care, you will not only benefit with getting the right treatment done for the misalignment but also will be able to get a healthy immune system in the body. This is because the misaligned body has a weaker immune system hence, they are prone to be affected otherwise.

  1. Enhanced Digestion

One should understand the fact and body mechanism that the nerves that are connected to your spine also control the function of your stomach as well. If your spinal issues are properly dealt with and rightly taken care of then you will be able to enjoy an improved digestion activity as well. This means that all issues related to stomach can be dealt whether they are gas problems, acidity, heart burn and alike.

  1. Energy Increase

Chiropractic treatment helps in increasing your overall energy in the body. This can be achieved when your body is free where all the nerves function properly and that the tension in spine is reduced. Once your bodily functions are working in the right manner, they help in increased energy of the body which helps a person to work well. If you come to realize that your body has been sore or in pain since the longest period of time and then you have undergone a chiro session, then you will see the differences in your body accordingly.

  1. Low Blood Pressure

Various studies have been conducted over this that chiro sessions have a lot to do with controlling your blood pressures. For those who have been witnessing increased levels of blood pressures, they can easily be controlled once they have undertaken such sessions of chiro.

Hope these above benefits of chiro really convince you to take these sessions so that you can avail and enjoy other health benefits than the common neck and back issues sorted. Clearly, these benefits are something that most of us are not aware of which is why it is better that you go through this piece of information which is no less than a surprise. Check this website to find out more details.

Tips To Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon

This is a modern era in which most of the people are advanced enough to change many things when we can modify our cars, our house and many more things, then why cannot we modify our face? In early ages, plastic surgery was known with very negativity because they do not have much need for it and they did not support this aspect. But now, when things are so much advanced and everyone wants to look good, people are going through plastic surgery. There are many celebrities that are going with plastic surgery because a celebrity wants himself to look good as they keep showing up in front of the whole world. Having plastic surgery to increase your beauty is not so negative now because the celebrities have made this factor very common. Now, most of the population is ready to undergo plastic surgery. When there is so much willingness to going through plastic surgery, there are many plastic surgeons that are ready to give you a surgery but not every surgeon is capable enough to practice on your beautiful face. Here are some of the tips to choose the best plastic surgeon from Canberra.

Certification of Board:

This is one of the most important aspects to look for when choosing a plastic surgeon, if you go to a doctor and they do not have any kind of certification from board, then you should leave that place immediately because you should not waste your time and give someone a chance of surgery who does not have any certification. When a surgeon has a certification of the board, it ensures that the particular person is allowed by the expert analytics to practice the particular field because the individual has a valid qualification and experience for the job.


You should first get to know the surgeon and see if the surgeon is trustworthy or not. If you feel any sort of uncomfortable sensation, then you should not go with the particular surgeon because reliability is the most important thing when it comes to surgery.


Experience is one of the most important factors in any field if a person has an experience they are aware of what steps to be taken in particular situations. They have already experienced all the situations in a particular field; this is why they are very efficient and accurate in their work.

Panthea Clinics is providing you with the most efficient services of abdominoplasty and plastic surgery. If you want to avail any of our services, get an appointment with our finest surgeons right now and get to know more about our services.

When Do You Need To Visit An Orthodontic?

You might have heard the word ‘braces’ so many times and you might have seen them too but do you know what is the purpose of those braces and who does its treatment? An orthodontic does. An orthodontic is the dentist who changes your life. In this world, many people have dental problems and many people are unhappy with their teeth. Some people are naturally blessed with beautiful teeth and they do not need treatment or they do not need to get them into shape, so they are the lucky people. However, some people have uneven teeth or have a gap in them which makes them hate their smile. Uneven teeth sometimes cause difficulty when you chew. For instance, if the side skin of your mouth comes in between your teeth while chewing, this is when you need to visit an orthodontic because it usually happens because of uneven teeth. If it keeps happening and the treatment is not done, then the wound will take place on the skin and gradually it will get bigger which can create an infection in your mouth which is why it is important to visit orthodontic as soon as possible.

Moreover, uneven teeth or teeth with gap can also destroy your mental health because a lot of people are so conscious about their looks and personality but such kind of teeth destroys their self-confidence. They do not smile because of the thought that they might look ugly with such a smile and the people who stop smiling, never stay happy. Every time they would be looking at other people and wishing that they could have such a smile, happiness and confidence. Confidence is so important in everyone’s life because it is the only way to get successful. Insecure people can never succeed in life. Hence, if you are feeling insecure about your smile because of your teeth, this is the time you need to visit orthodontic because they are the people who specialize in fixing people’s teeth and making them even, they treat every patient according to the shape of their teeth and their smile turns out to be beautiful which can make people confident and happy.

If you are looking for the best orthodontics, porcelain veneers from Geelong or doctors then the Dentists & Doctors is the right choice as we are one of the leading dental clinics in Australia who have expert and professional dentists and doctors. We also have emergency dentists so feel free to contact us and book your appointment with us. We make sure that we provide you with the best treatment and we guarantee that we will never disappoint you.

The Importance Of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many reasons for getting a degree in dentistry. Dentistry is the science of studying teeth. There are many different branches of dentistry. The two main branches of dentistry are cosmetic and medical. Cosmetic dentistry is very profitable as a line of work. Many people need the services offered by cosmetic dentists. Cosmetic dentistry is a very lucrative profession. The main reason for joining the field of dentistry is the earning potential. You can make several thousand dollars a year by working as a dentist. There are many reasons for working as a dentist. The outer layer of teeth is made of calcium. It is called the enamel. It is also called the crown in some cases. The outer layer of teeth can be damaged by acidity. The inside of the mouth often becomes acidic when a person eats too much sugar. The decomposition of sugar creates acid inside the mouth. This can be harmful for the enamel. It can cause the enamel to wear off with time.

Damaged enamel:

Cosmetic dentistry often involves making the teeth more beautiful. Many people need cosmetic dentistry services to look normal. Cosmetic dentistry makes up about forty to fifty percent of the dentistry market. Most people who need the services of a dentist need then for cosmetic reasons. This is because many people are desirous of looking beautiful. People often change the appearance of their teeth in order to look beautiful. The most common procedure done under cosmetic dentistry is the installation of braces. Braces consist of wires that are fixed inside the mouth of a person. Braces are fixed for a number of different reasons. The most common reason for fixing braces inside a person’s mouth is to straighten their teeth.

Fixing braces:

It is very easy to straighten crooked teeth with the help of braces. Other cosmetic dentistry procedures can be used for the purpose too. This is because crooked teeth can be very awful.  Cooked teeth can cause many health problems. In addition to being uncomfortable, they also look awful. This is the main reason people often require cosmetic dental procedures to fix them. Braces are one of the top three most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. Braces are made of steel in most cases. They consist of two sets of wires that hold the teeth in their place.

Braces are effective in most cases. This is because they are successful in holding the teeth back. You should not use braces if you are above ten years of age. This is because teeth stop growing at this age. You should use other devices if you are over ten years of age. Cosmetic dentistry in South Yarra procedures have the potential to change lives for the better. We should benefit from the application of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

How Could Beef Collagen Powder Could Help Your Body

The gelatin which is made from the bones and skin of the animals has also the same function in the human body as it is in the animals and therefore it is important to understand that what is gelatin and how could it help you. The best collagen powder in Australia is the gelatin name and it is named as because the cooked collagen which is the name of the protein is called the gelatin. If due to some disease, or with the aging the human body reduces the amount of the production of collagen then this deficiency could be removed from intaking the gelatin made from the animals’ bones. This could either be add in the diet or could be taken as the medicines. But before you take it you must know that how does it help your body and support the different systems inside the body.

Supportive for the immune system:

The gelatin helps the digestive systems in which it strengthens the mucous membrane but since 80 percent of cells which make the immune systems is located in this membrane therefore, the gelatin in terms help the immune systems and it over all affects the entire health system of the body. 

Helpful for our bones:

The strength of the bones is the major health benefit of the good beef gelatin powder because the bones have a protective cover around these which is made from the collagen in our body and due to this protective cover the bones are prevented from all kinds of the pain and inflammation but with the age this protective covers starts to fade away due to reduction of the collagen in the body and due to which we face problems like the pains in the bones and the it becomes difficult for us to move and resume our daily operation. If this situation is not taken care then this could become very severe and could eventually lead to the chronic diseases.

It helps in the repairing of the damaged hair:

You may have heard many people telling you that to apply eggs on your hair to improve the damage in the hair and gelatin has the same benefits to the hair. Since the damage in the hair is caused by the lack of the protein and therefore the hair texture is improved and strengthened by having the gelatin in your diet. You could even apply the gelatin directly on your hair with the apple cider vinegar and the hair will absorb the protein from the gelatin directly. It is easy to make this kind of the mask for effective results.

Get Fair Skin With Microdermabrasion

Medicines, for example, microdermabrasion are perfect for gentle shedding of the skin, which will assist with eradicating scarce differences and wrinkles and will likewise unclog and limit the pores. Medicinal microdermabrasion, which is a more profound therapeutic peeling is perfect for mellow skin inflammation scars. The acne treatment in Perth can diminish age spots, hyperpigmentation and shallow sun harm. At the point when we are shedding our skin, there are a few things that we should, and shouldn’t do;

Make your look eye-catching

Numerous individuals shed each day, imagining that it will leave them with a more clear skin, however in certainty over-shedding can harm solid skin cells and leave the skin bothered, dry and red. Shedding two times every week is sufficient to keep your appearance looking splendid.

Amazing exploiter

Continuously utilize a decent quality exfoliator with dynamic fixings, which will empower new cell turnover. This will assist with removing any dull and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin and help to unclog and clear the pores, leaving you with a more splendid, fresher appearance.

Give you relief from harmful medians

An accomplished expert can without much of a stretch give proficient shedding medicines, for example, a synthetic strip or microdermabrasion which can infiltrate further into the skin than comparable items that we use at home. The master medications will cause the dull, dead skin cells to turnover quicker and can likewise treat an extraordinary number of other skin concerns.

Benefits of this operation

Try not to peel aggravated skin. It’s significant that you don’t harm the skin’s obstruction, so if peeling has caused skin bothering or made the skin over-delicate, at that point you should stop right away. When the skin has come back to ordinary, at that point you can bring peeling over into your healthy skin system. Various items may work preferable for you over others, contingent upon your what your skin type is and what skin concerns you have. You should discover what your skin type is to empower you to discover which exfoliator is best for you. The microdermabrasion treatment utilizes a light fog of gems on the upper layer of the skin, which will tenderly and effortlessly unstick the dead and dull cells, while its vacuum suction at the same time expels both the gems and dead cells. This outcomes in a cleaned, smooth and shining skin.

Microdermabrasion improves

Smeared, lopsided skin tones

Dull dead skin

Expanded pores and flaws

Scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles

Sun harmed skin and age spots

Skin break out scarring

Clogged pores and white heads

Microdermabrasion treatment can assist you with improving any skin conditions or defects, for example, almost negligible differences, mellow skin inflammation scars, amplified pores, slick or dull skin and pigmentation. Microdermabrasion gives quick and dependable outcomes. If you need assistance picking a restorative method, we give a broad scope of corrective techniques for the face and body: Botox, Vase Lipov, Lip Expansion

What Are Pilates?

Muscular strength is very important especially if you have to perform the tasks that require perfect posture, alignment and flexibility. There are number of exercises to achieve this target these exercises range from low impact o high impact exercises. One of the popular set of low impact exercises meant for this purpose is the Pilates. Pilates has direct implications upon the different parts of the bodies. These exercises are meant for both the back region and the other parts of the body. The Pilates can be performed with or without the equipments as per the ease of the fitness seeker. Pilates has positive impact upon all the bodily movements and postures. The timing for the Pilates can be adjusted according to personal needs. The minimum time required to exercise is 45 minutes while the user can enjoy the exercise session up to one hour for the maximum.

The people seeking health assistance through pilates in Balmain undergo two different types of the said. Both of these kinds can only be carried out under the supervision of the well trained and expert trainers. The traditional way of undergoing the plates includes a mat. It cannot be confused with the regular mats as they are thick and made in such a way that they can target the pressure points of the body quite well. This practice is called the mat Pilate. The other type is referred as reformer Pilate. In this kind of session a special machine is used that is referred as reformer. It is a sliding platform that comes along with the stationary foot bar. The mat classes are usually recommended for the beginners who have just started off with the Pilates and had no earlier experience of this.

The Pilates can be carried out with the help of some popular machines that are solely meant for this kind of exercise. These machines that can help you in Pilates include



High chair

Spine corrector

Magic Circle

The Pilates classes can be painful in the early days. It seems hectic and tiring. As the time passes and the body gets used to all this, it becomes easier to cope with the classes. After the first few sessions the users feel uneasy. There are body aches followed by a feeling of muscle burning. It is just like undergoing heavy exercises in the gym. An experienced and well trained instructor can be of great help in this regard. He would come up with the tips and tricks to feel at ease and recover from the worst conditions. Visit https://www.thestudiorozelle.com.au/drummoyne for pilates drummoyne.

Although the Pilates exercises are meant to target the abdominal muscles but these are equally good for other parts of the body too. The instructor can help you in dealing with the other muscular regions of the body namely hips, thighs, back and the trunk region. The popular Pilate moves that are followed according to the individual needs are as follows:

Leg circles

Series of 5

The hundred

Rolling like a ball

The roll up